Chopin: Piano Concerto no. 2

Leonora Armellini Discography_Chopin Velut LunaLeonora Armellini Discography_Chopin Velut Luna back

The very young, acclaimed, Italian interpreter, who at the age of 14 can already boast in addition to a brilliant diploma obtained at the age of 12 and above all the victory of the absolute first prize in one of the most important international competitions such as the Premio Venezia, proposes in this first record an unforgettable interpretation of the Second Concerto for piano and orchestra by Frederic Chopin, accompanied by the prestigious Orchestra of Padua and Veneto conducted for the occasion by the great Slavic conductor Anton Nanut.

Concert no.2 in F minor for piano and orchestra, op.21

Grande polonaise brillante precedee d’un Andante spianato, op.22

Scherzo n.4 in Mi maggiore, op.54

Leonora Armellini, piano; Orchestra di Padova e del veneto, A. Nanut conductor.

Recording made at Auditorium Pollini, Padova on January and on February 2007.