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Winner of the "Janina Nawrocka Prize" for "extraordinary musicality and the beauty of sound" at the “F. Chopin" in Warsaw (2010), the pianist Leonora Armellini (1992), graduates at twelve y.o., obtaining full marks with honors and special mention.
In 2005 she unanimously won the XXII Venice Prize, reserved for the best graduates of the Italian Conservatories, and continued her training with Sergio Perticaroli at the Academy of S. Cecilia in Rome, graduating with honors at the age of seventeen and thus becoming the youngest graduated from the prestigious institution. She is currently Piano Faculty member at the “A. Buzzolla” of Adria (Italy).
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Umbria Jazz

Leonora Armellini, piano

Asclepio Orchestra

Big Band of Padua University

Alois Saller, director



Contaminazioni digitali Festival

Duo Pianistico di Padova
Leonora Armellini, Mattia Ometto, piano

video projections of Martina Stella


09 pm CEST



Leonora Armellini, piano
Elisa D’Auria, piano




06 pm CEST   

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