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"Being a teacher is a great responsibility, not only towards the musical growth of the student, but also in transmitting such important values in life as seriousness, patience, the desire for research and improvement. The life of the musician is not just the stage: behind it there is a great work on oneself, and a relationship of trust with one's teacher is essential for this."

The figure of the Maestro is a pillar in the life of a musician, both as a young person but also once an adult. He is a mirror that reveals the aspects we still have to work on, a source of inspiration and ideas, but also a coach who helps us deal with everything that life as a musician presents to us. In this episode I will talk about some figures that have been fundamental for me, what they taught me, and what contribution they gave to my life also in relation to the different phases I was going through.

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  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sonata per pianoforte No. 2 in Fa maggiore, K.280: III. Presto
  • Robert Schumann, Album per la Gioventù Op. 68: No. 35, Mignon
  • Maurice Ravel, Maurice Ravel, Piano Concerto in G Major, M. 83: III. Presto Leonora Armellini, Marco Angius & Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto
  • J. Brahms, Variazioni e Fuga su un tema di Haendel, op. 24: Fuga