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“Since I was a child I have always felt the need to play, perhaps because being born in a house full of music I already felt it part of me, almost like a language learned from the very first years of life.”

Being born into a family of musicians is not automatically a guarantee of taking the same path: sometimes it takes a stroke of luck or an unexpected circumstance to be able to start a path. We will talk about how initially my parents didn’t want me to start playing, but also about what made them change their mind, and about the first competitions, concerts, up to the Conservatory Diploma, the Venice Award and even some television appearances.

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  • Felix Mendelssohn, 6 Romanze senza parole per pianoforte, op. 102 n. 4
  • Friedrich Kuhlau, Sonatina in la minore per pianoforte, op. 88 no. 3: III. Allegro burlesco
  • Emmanuel Chabrier, Bourrée fantasque per pianoforte: Très animé et avec beaucoup d’entrain
  • Fryderyk Chopin, Concerto No. 2 in Fa minore per pianoforte e orchestra, Op. 21: III. Allegro vivace | Leonora Armellini, Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto & Anton Nanut
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