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“A family and a great passion that unites all of us: music. From two musician parents to two musician twins, in my house we breathed the air of music even before we were born. "

In this episode I introduce myself and I will tell you about how my great passion for music was born. I will tell you who I am, where I come from and in this I will be accompanied by my family, with whom I have always shared music. I will play with them and we will chat live to bring you a little bit of my home and tell you how to live in music 24/7!

  • Johannes Brahms, Sinfonia n. 3 op. 90 in Fa maggiore: III. Poco allegretto (Arrangiamento originale per pianoforte a 4 mani) Lorella Ruffin & Leonora Armellini, pianoforte
  • Guido Alberto Fano, Due Pezzi per violoncello e pianoforte: I. Andante sostenuto
    Ludovico Armellini, violoncello e Leonora Armellini, pianoforte
  • Dimitri Shostakovich, Sonata per violoncello e pianoforte in Re minore: II. Allegro Ludovico Armellini, violoncello e Leonora Armellini, pianoforte
  • Georg Philipp Telemann, Sonata for Bassoon and Continuo in F Minor, TWV 41:f1: III. Andante
    Leopoldo Armellini, fagotto e Leonora Armellini, pianoforte
  • Sergej Rachmaninov, Sonata no. 2 per pianoforte, op. 36: I: Allegro agitato
    Leonora Armellini, pianoforte
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